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5 Characteristics of a Reliable Plastics Manufacturer

Anyone who depends on the sales of manufactured products will no doubt need a skilled partner for producing some of the most intricate pieces. If your facility cannot produce molded plastic components, you need a highly skilled and experienced plastics manufacturer.

Manufacturing WarehouseLook for these five characteristics before you agree to a plastic manufacturing service.

  1. Who’s working there? The engineers working for a manufacturer oversee projects from start to finish. Their value is evident as they troubleshoot issues before a part goes to production and help design better parts that will eventually lead to an improved finished product, which your customers will appreciate.
  2. Do they use modern and efficient techniques? The best manufacturers will build relationships for the long term and much of this depends on whether or not they’re using outdated manufacturing techniques. If a manufacturer uses viable technologies, they will be able to offer versatility as your product matures and evolves.
  3. Capability They should offer production around the clock. Without a doubt, there will come a time when a rush order or large run will be needed. If the provider is only cranking out parts one shift a day, they won’t be able to meet special needs.
  4. Customer service – Customer service matters in every industry. A plastic manufacturing service is no different. Make sure they’re responsive!
  5. Facility or more than facility – Accidents, weather and much more can shut an operation down. If a service provider has more than one facility that can handle your needs, this is a big plus. You may also find that an additional facility will offer savings from a shipping standpoint.

What you’re looking for is a plastic manufacturing service that’s agile and experienced with a wide range of technical capabilities. Contact PDS today and let us show you how we can meet all your needs.

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