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Challenging Employees to Stretch Their Talents Pays Off

One of the keys to success in any machine shop is the quality of its employees and the fact that they have been with the company for years. Management needs a team they can tap into for a variety of tools in order to retain good employees and keep them engaged, ultimately enabling them to realize greater success in their profession. But besides good pay and benefits, it’s just as important to provide employees with training and mental stimulation, which cultivates skill sets and grows employee confidence.

prototype and production company

A good example of this is a complex and tricky medical assembly that Product Development Solutions hoped its shops could produce. After reviewing design and overall project requirements, including value added operations such as Teflon coating and assembly, the team came up with creative solutions to supply the customer with a full turnkey solution.

Product Development Solutions puts strong emphasis on letting small groups of employees create solutions to ensure success on complex projects. Successes like this boost employee morale. But even “unsuccessful” projects enable them to learn something new that can be applied to future complex projects.

Product Development Solutions likens these small group challenges to educational seminars. Employees will likely take away only a small portion of quality information that can be applied to their jobs. That small piece of information put to use can pay huge dividends over time, such as cost savings, more efficient part-producing methodology and so on.

As a full-service prototype and production manufacturing company, PDS is able to deliver complex components for a variety of industries. Our valued employees offer turnkey solutions and can complete large-scale projects with an even faster turnaround. Contact Product Development Solutions if you’re interested in starting a new project with our talented and loyal service providers. To get started today, please fill out this form for a fast quote.


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