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Manufacturing Intelligence Changing Landscape of Leading U.S. Industries

Manufacturing Intelligence

Source: Product Development Solutions

American manufacturing owns a long-standing tradition of pushing innovation and driving the development of intelligent machines to create more efficiency. Manufacturing intelligence in U.S. industries is what really drives our economy and keeps us pushing forward.

This notion is showing no signs of slowing down as more companies look for ways to increase efficiency, improve quality, and make their facilities safer with machinery and robotics.

The auto industry continues to lead the way

Robots in the auto industry continually take on more intricate work. In fact, they can adjust to their surroundings and take on tasks such as painting or welds in multiple locations.

And it’s not just about robots “doing the humans job.” Assembly line workers have started to use robotics to reduce repetitive functions and protect themselves from injury.

Robotics, analyzers, and automation assist humans with early detection of system breakdowns and improve safety. Functions such as final completion, inspection, and wiring are still very much up to the people working on the line.

Technology driving automation and watching the details

The sophistication of computer numeric control (CNC) machining centers rises by the day. Manufacturers across almost every industry are depending on their ability to machine highly complex pieces with tolerances as small as +/- 0.0001 inches. CNC machines can now build complete parts with numerous operations inside a single machine. This has drastically improved cycle times while cutting operational costs.

The new machining capability also allows operators to change parts on the fly, set up projects less often, and eliminates some secondary operations that previously required a separate machining center. (If anyone out there is looking for a new, incredibly high-demand career, you might want to visit your local technical school and learn more about CNC machining.)

Manufacturing intelligence in U.S. industries is proving to be the only way to stay competitive in a brutal global market. Learn how Product Development Solutions can help you leverage their intelligence, by bringing your toughest challenges to their experts.

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