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Cast Urethane Parts

RTV Molding Services – Minneapolis and Nationwide

PDS provides cast urethane parts created from RTV silicone rubber molds. urethane castings and silicone rubber molds provide a cost-effective and speedy way to emulate injection molded plastic parts without the high price of permanent tooling.

These RTV molded parts are typically used as marketing prototypes, functional testing, and low volume production. Parts we create can be very small or large such as medical MRI Units.

  • Parts in Days
  • Wide Variety of Cast Urethane Materials
  • Complex Shapes
  • Little or No Draft
  • Secondary Machining Available
  • Cast In Color
  • Soft Durometer Overmolding
  • Large Size Up to 72”
  • Circuitry Encapsulation
  • In House Paint Facility
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • UL V0 Rated Materials

What makes us different

Early partnering for technical reviews and discussion/engineering meeting to determine best approach

We take Cast Urethane to a new level

  • Cast urethane production with following ISO9001.
  • Production quality prototypes to print specs passing incoming inspections.
  • Excellent alternative to Low volume injection mold needs.
  • Highly complex parts that cannot be injection molded.
  • Large parts where tooling costs are prohibitive.
  • Finishing
    • High end cosmetic painting for high end looks
    • Decorative painting
    • Two color painting
    • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Wide range of materials to meet specific mechanical requirements