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CNC machinists don’t get to ride in the Super Bowl parade, but the Super Bowl parade would look a lot different if it weren’t for CNC machinists. Machinists don’t directly save lives, but doctors couldn’t treat patients the way they do without CNC machinists. And their work isn’t heralded on the covers of national magazines as the next great invention, but the next great invention probably wouldn’t make it to market without CNC machinists.

Hyperplastic? Not at all, when you consider the role CNC machining has played in moving the automobile industry forward, making lifesaving medical devices more effective and less expensive, and helping the technology sector innovate quicker than ever before.

Yes, CNC machinists are important to society, which is why the best CNC machining companies hire only the best machinists—those with tangible and intangible skills, knowledge and experience:

5 Things All CNC Machinists Should Know


It could go without saying that machinists need a firm understanding of algebra and geometry. But it’s such an important skill set that it warrants being listed. And while being mathematically inclined is important, the best CNC machinists combine their analytical abilities with an intangible eye for detail and the dexterity to deliver products with precision.

A mechanical mind

Anyone who believes CNC machining involves a series of button pushes and lever lifts needs to spend a day working on the floor with a machinist. Machinists operate equipment built to strict specifications. They produce prototypes, parts, and products that people and companies depend on. And they spend their days focused on ensuring that the machines and the prototypes are being made with precision. They are mechanics, quality control specialists, and operations supervisors—all at once. It’s intense—and it takes an intangible touch as well as a mechanical mind.

Critical thinking skills

No matter how much preparation goes into any product, problems can arise at any moment. When they do, it’s the CNC machinist’s job to identify them, react to them properly, and fix them. The ability to think critically under pressure comes from experience and training.

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