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Computer numerical control machining delivers precision, efficiency and cost savings. It also delivers versatility, which means it can help a variety of companies achieve their goals. Here’s a look at how CNC machining can meet the needs of different industries and corporations.

CNC Machines
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Product-producing companies

Companies that produce one or more products can benefit from CNC machining because it provides flexibility at every step of the manufacturing process. Designs can be analyzed and tested early on in the development process to determine whether or not they’re viable. This allows product-producing companies to save time and money by focusing their resources on products that are most likely to succeed.

Workpiece-producing companies

Where product-producing companies control the entire life cycle of a product—from conception to design to production—a workpiece-producing company is hired as a vendor to produce one part of a product, and they need to do it quickly. The speed and agility CNC machining offers allows workpiece-producing companies to adapt to the changing needs of the companies that hire them.

Tooling-producing companies

Diversity is the pathway to profitability for tooling-producing companies. They make their revenue from a variety of components and products, ranging from cutting tools to dies to fixtures and molds. Tooling-producing companies benefit from the ability of CNC machining to quickly transition equipment from making one component to another.

Prototype-producing companies

Not many product-producing, workpiece-producing or tooling producing companies can be profitable without prototype-producing companies. Prototype-producing companies complete the preliminary work—they develop and manufacture the prototypes that help determine whether or not a concept is viable. They test prototypes, make adjustments and ultimately, they deliver prototypes that can be effectively turned into products. CNC machining makes it possible for prototype-producing companies to quickly and cost-effectively test a variety of prototypes and deliver only those that are most likely to succeed.

So, what type of business do you run? For more information about how the versatility, precision and efficiency of computer numerical control machining can help you achieve your goals, contact Product Development Solutions today.

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