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Without question, polyurethane plays the role of utility infielder in the world of plastics. Prototype and production services look to this material for its resistance to oil, solvents and abrasion, as well as for its strength in countless applications.

Source: Plastics News

A unique plastic

Thermoplastic polyurethane is a soft and pliable material when heated and sturdy at room temperature, which gives it the capability to be used as a malleable engineering plastic or as a more reliable replacement for hard rubber components. This means that this type of plastic can be inserted into existing machinery as an upgrade due to its high elongation and tensile strength or as a sturdy, lightweight replacement for heavier materials.

Show your clients what they don’t know

Most clients prefer machinery that needs less maintenance and runs more efficiently — this is hardly breaking news. Polyurethane stands up well in tough conditions, and in a few applications, it can be compounded to create robust plastic moldings that may be able to replace metal components. This can significantly reduce the weight of a moving machine or lighten the load of products that need to be shipped to customers. All of these factors can help save fuel and cut down on progressive wear.

The material’s toughness and lightweight composition also makes it an ideal plastic for protective coatings. Check out your customers’ machines from the inside out, and show them how to improve efficiencies with a new material.

Overcoming design challenges

A prototype and production service looks to solve problems — end of story. Clearly, having a material that can be used in almost any working environment makes it attractive to folks with hopes of designing an innovative product.

Polyurethane gives designers the ability to meet individual specifications and produce working prototypes quickly using a variety of production and mixing methods, including extrusion, injection and blow molding processes.

Our experts at Product Development Solutions can suggest the best materials, machines and design for your next project, so let us deliver a fast quote for you today.



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