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Urethane casting isn’t just for prototypes anymore. In fact, it never was.

Companies are well aware of the benefits of cast urethane services in the production of prototypes. Not only are these parts strong and durable, but they can also flaunt a variety of unique color options.

But what some people don’t realize is that the same benefits of cast urethane services also apply to production parts because the process for manufacturing is exactly the same. And it’s this four-part process that delivers precision, strength and cost savings.

cast urethane company

Step One: Create a master pattern

Creating a master pattern leverages the best of digital technology using computer-aided design (CAD) and combines it with the best of machining skill. It starts with the design file, which takes into account every slope, angle, cut and insert. Once every detail is on the design file, it’s downloaded into a computer and an expert machinist uses computer numerical control or stereolithography technology to make a mold that meets the exact specifications of the master pattern.

Step Two: Make the mold

Once the master pattern has been created, it is then suspended in a frame and engulfed in silicone. Once dried, the silicone is removed to establish the pattern that will be used to manufacture the parts.

Step Three: Manufacture the parts

To manufacture the parts, the provider once again refers back to the design file specifications to ensure that the exact urethane material, color and surface specifications are met. The urethane material is then injected into the mold, left to harden and then removed.

Step Four: Add the finishing touches

The final step in the process is finishing the piece. Before the parts are packaged and shipped, they’re painted and cleaned for a pristine finish.

This four-step process is fast, efficient and precise. Plus, it’s perfect for both prototypes and final products. For more information about taking advantage of cast urethanes or to get a fast quote for a project, contact Product Development Solutions today.

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