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Computer numerical control machining offers an array of benefits during the manufacturing process. It’s faster, more precise and can be less expensive than other types of machining. And overall, it produces better product design from start to finish by greatly enhancing the finished product.

No two projects are ever exactly the same, and different parts require different finishes depending on their specifications, purpose and brand. The beauty of using CNC machining to enhance final products is that even the most beastly looking parts and components can receive a finishing treatment ranging from the functional to the cosmetic and decorative — all of which make products look more appealing to the final user.

cnc machining service

How it Works

With CNC machining, the finishing options are virtually limitless. Because the machining process uses state-of-the-art technology, parts can be cut with precision and rotated, making it easier for them to be painted, etched and sealed with lifespan-increasing, functionality-improving materials. This allows products to be branded to a specific company, colored to meet specific needs and protected from corrosion, wear resistance and other naturally occurring actions that break materials down.


It doesn’t matter what color a part needs to be, a highly skilled and experienced staff member can match it, from triadic to monochromatic. Some parts are painted by hand while others are sprayed. However, you can expect everything to be finished with precision.

Decorative and Cosmetic

A variety of finishing touches can be applied to different parts and components using CNC machining. These include etching a logo into the side of a product, applying different colors to areas of the same product, as well as polishing.

Sealing for Safety and Functionality

There are dozens of seals that can be applied to finished parts. They range from seals that prevent corrosion to seals that produce a smooth, even finish to ones that extend the service life of a part.

The benefits of computer numerical control machining are seemingly endless, from start to finish. To discuss how finishing can enhance your final product, contact Product Development Solutions today.

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