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We depend on CNC machining every day for the intricate, durable and one-of-a-kind products they create. This technical versatility supports businesses across the country from a production point of view, but it also contributes to a healthy and balanced economy.

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Equipment and machinery appraisal

Appraising machinery is a standard practice for most businesses, and CNC machinery obviously plays a significant role in this process. The appraisal serves its purpose as collateral for business loans, buy/sell agreements, as well as insurance and legal proceedings.

What’s important to remember (and often forgotten) is the value added to these machines because of their versatility. Using CNC machines for a variety of applications places their usefulness into a wide range of marketplaces, which adds again to their overall value. On the flip side, if a unique machine is used, that value could be affected negatively if its usefulness is limited.

The value of tooling

Serving many applications also means using a wide range of tooling. Tooling refers to manufacturing aids, such as cutting tools, dies, jigs, patterns or molds, just to name a few. Generally, tooling is valued as part of the equipment rather than separately on its own. More versatility with your tools can lead to an increased value, depending on the purpose of the appraisal.

The flexible nature of CNC machines 

Simply put, CNC machines can manufacture the same part even if it comes from a different type of machine, depending on the diameter of the stock. Given their ability to produce parts from multiple axes, they can maintain tolerances up to four millionths of an inch. That’s a valuable asset that should find its way into your financial reporting.

Product Development Solutions works hard to bring value to its customers with a wide variety of CNC machines. Your company can tap into this expertise easily and cost effectively. If you’re ready to get started, visit us online and grab a fast quote for your next project.

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