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CNC rapid prototyping has taken what was once a weeks-long process and reduced it to a few days. This is outstanding news for a company looking to speed their products to market. However, there can be a tricky flipside to all that speed — a loss of detail.

So, as a designer, you must find that middle ground where you get the detail you need in a reasonable amount of time.

CNC Machine Prototypes

Advances and CNC Technologies

CNC rapid prototyping keeps getting faster as technologies improve and become easier to use. Every day, the top engineers and designers are finding ways to make products better with different technologies. Almost any part or mold can be made from these processes in the hands of a skilled engineer.

There’s no reason to set limits on your next design.

Slow Down!

Speeding through a project can leave behind some important aspects of product development if care is not taken. Details worked into the part will suffer based on the amount of testing and refinement skipped. Additionally, you should clearly understand the quality requirements before selecting materials, thicknesses and other enhancements built into a part.

If you wait and apply a few more layers of resin to the final product, you can significantly improve quality, versatility and durability.

The high-quality technology used in CNC rapid prototyping processes continues to not only speed up the manufacturing world, but it’s also becoming more accessible to producers, especially after adding in the latest software capabilities.

It still requires skilled individuals at the controls with an engineering background to make the products come to life, but as the development of these technologies continues, more industries will find CNC machining and rapid prototyping useful.

If you’d like control input in your product design from concept to creation, contact the professionals at Product Development Solutions, and let us show you how.

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