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Reliable, precision CNC machining services are always in high demand today with companies constantly on the lookout for new and better ways of producing high quality components. Even so, the current workforce required to produce these parts is steadily aging, making way for new machinists to explore their talents.

As a result, this high demand in product coupled with a smaller workforce has some college graduates thinking about an abrupt career switch.

cnc machining service
Source: Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News

Enrollment increases

Community colleges and technical schools across the country are continually expanding their training facilities to meet the need of increased enrollment. And it’s not just high school graduates looking or training either. Many people well beyond their high school years are wisely improving their skills in CNC machining to make themselves more employable in a rapidly changing economy.

Good jobs and high placement rates

Many of these technical schools boast perfect placement rates of 100 percent. Many employers are even hiring potential candidates without any training or experience, paying their tuition and giving them part-time jobs while they go to school.

Manufacturers expanding their capabilities

No company wants to be pigeon-holed into a single product or industry. Skilled CNC machining capabilities give them the flexibility to deliver products to the medical, aerospace and transportation industries and much more. In fact, almost every industry can benefit from machining services given today’s technological advancement.

Graduates of technical schools could soon find themselves making pacemakers, components for aircraft mechanisms or large parts for machines to harvest crops in the field.

If you find yourself on a lengthy waiting list for production of your latest component, contact the experts at PDS for a fast quote today. The skill needed to produce quality precision pieces exists in our shop today and they stand ready to deliver your product to the market quickly.

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