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Cast urethane components serve a multitude of industries, including aerospace, medical, transportation, consumer goods and agricultural, just to name a few. The reason why cast urethanes are so widely used is easy to understand — it’s an incredibly versatile, lightweight material supported by an inexpensive process.

Experts in cast urethane services can provide insight on the options you should consider when redesigning an existing part or developing a new product.

cast urethane parts

Cast urethane options to consider

Materials – More than 40 different urethane resins form the basis for this versatile material. Resins meet the demands of almost any industry with an extensive range of hardness and durability from 10 shore A (very soft like a rubber band) to 85 shore D (very hard like a hard hat). The softer urethane materials can provide cushion without losing its shape inside a mechanism, while harder urethane materials can provide protection without the weight of metal.

Color – Using the proper mix, urethanes can be primed and painted to match a Pantone number. You can also create the color within the mix itself and mold parts in color. Showing a client a molded part that matches their company’s look makes a fantastic impression.

Texture – Again, the appearance of the component can be greatly enhanced by adding an attractive texture. Matte finishes are very popular right now. From a functional point of view, textures can improve safety on pieces that must be non-slip.

Inserts – Pins, wires and electronics can be directly molded into parts, which could potentially eliminate the need for additional connection pieces. Designers can show you how to conveniently snap in electrical components using a lightweight urethane part.

Overmolding – Overmolding with cast urethane materials is a great way bind two seemingly unrelated materials together to make a soft, easy-grip surface (think steering wheels). This process is also prevalent in medical tools.

Cast urethane services offer an inexpensive, yet precise way to create the components you need. Expertise matters and working with skilled professionals can help you produce an excellent product. Contact PDS and grab a fast quote on your best ideas.

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