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Everyone wants to produce innovative and functional parts, until they see the price tag. Sacrificing quality will bring a world of dissatisfaction, and you’ll eventually find yourself looking for cost savings within the process itself.

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If the process involves CNC machining, check out these ideas for trimming costs.

  1. Hole depth can add more time to production than you might think. You can also get rid of unneeded holes.
  2. If a part needs external threads, you may be able to add a cylindrical shaft to the design and create a simple thread within your own shop.
  3. Adding sharp, vertical corners to the interior of your design will shave milling time from the process. While the details are important, the more intricacies you add, the more time it will take to machine.
  4. Know your standards and recommendations. An experienced CNC machining provider will be able to offer guidance on factors, such as wall thicknesses that may not withstand the machining process. Get in touch with the machinists and engineers before you submit a design.
  5. Tiny features may impress the customer, but they also get expensive. The difficulty of milling a product adds directly to the time and cost. Only use details that support the function.
  6. Some materials are just easier to cut, mill and drill. If a lighter, softer material will meet the customer’s needs; don’t go overboard with tougher, more expensive materials that take longer to process inside the machine.
  7. Words will cost you. If text on a part is present, make sure it’s really needed. CNC machining is not like an embroidery machine at the local T-shirt shop. Adding text adds cost and time. If text is needed, use raised text over recessed.

Designing a good product at a reasonable cost is a challenge designers and engineers face every day. Contact Product Development Solutions for guidance on economical prototypes, as well as a fast quote.

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