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Precision, speed, efficiency and the ability to carry ever-increasing loads are the main characteristics aerospace companies look for in their aircrafts.

The industry is more competitive than ever, and the pressure to design, manufacture and deliver the next generation of aircrafts is intense. Getting to market first can mean the difference between a new line of aircrafts taking off or a couple failed models remaining grounded.

This is why companies are increasingly doing business with aerospace equipment manufacturers who have the expertise, equipment and ability to design, produce and assemble aircraft fixtures quickly and with a great level of expertise.

Designing Aircraft Assembly Fixtures
Source: Stuart Miles via

Here’s how it all works:

Structure Design

Aircraft components are relatively large and stiff, with high positional tolerances to guard against metal fatigue, environmental stress and corrosion.

Aluminum, with its low density and favorable tensile strength, is the preferred metal for aircraft skin. Once the skin is designed and cut, it’s riveted and bolted together (with precision) using aircraft assembly fixtures. 

Assembly Fixtures

Assembly fixtures are specially designed tools used to hold components in place during the fastening, bolting and welding of an aircraft. To ensure that the manufacturing process is efficient and able to meet the rigid standards required for aerospace projects, fixtures are constructed to be incredibly accurate, rigid and easy to use. 

Fixture Construction

An array of materials can be used to construct fixtures — magnesium, resin, plastics and composite materials. Deciding which one is right for a specific aircraft depends on what part of the craft the fixtures will be supporting.

Thicker and broader sections of the aircraft often rely on fixtures constructed from cast iron and stainless steel. More delicate and nuanced sections of an aircraft can be constructed of lighter metal fixtures. Once the ideal material is selected, the fixtures are built with high degrees of accuracy.

Fixtures allow aerospace equipment manufacturers to build aircraft parts and components with precision, speed, accuracy and the ability to carry ever-increasing loads. For more information about designing aircraft assembly fixtures, contact Product Development Solutions today, or get a fast quote for an upcoming project. 

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