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When precision matters, manufacturers often turn to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining and exotic materials.

CNC machining offers an array of advantages, including enhanced precision, the ability to produce complex shapes and the freedom to work with exotic materials.

CNC Machining Parts

Exotic materials, such as aluminum, plastic and stainless steel, can be difficult to machine, but they’re also necessary for products that require a high level of precision and complex cuts. Hence, CNC machining and exotic materials go together like nuts and bolts, and they produce superior products.

Here’s a look at three types of exotic materials frequently used in CNC machining:


Even though aluminum is the most common metal on the planet, it’s still considered exotic in relation to manufacturing. While it has the same malleability as tin and lead, it’s relative light weight, durability and abundance make it a favorite in the manufacturing world.


Plastic is a general term used to describe an array of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials. Its practical application includes everyday household items such as DVDs to life-saving medical devices and components for satellites. Raw material for plastic production includes cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and crude oil. Combined, they allow manufacturers greater flexibility to produce nearly any product.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has become ubiquitous around the world. Unlike other types of steel, it is impervious to most stains and rust. Because stainless steel contains more chromium than unprotected carbon steel, it is resistant to corrosion caused by oxidation. This makes it ideal for products that hold water, such as sinks and shipping containers. It’s also relatively light weight and durable, broadening its applications to other areas as well.

The Right Manufacturing Company

Computer Numerical Control and exotic materials are two of the three factors that go into manufacturing a precise, complex product. The third, of course, is a team of professional engineers and machinists with extensive experience and skill, which is exactly what Product Development Solutions delivers. Contact us today for more information!


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