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The benefits of cast urethanes have been well established to include machinability, sound resistance, strength and reduced cost.

But perhaps the most noticeable benefit is the finished product. Parts and products can be painted and textured with a flat or shiny look, ensuring every component is as aesthetically appealing as they are effective and functional.

cast urethane services

Partners of Product Development Solutions have access to an array of finishing options, including high-end cosmetic painting for refined, professional looks; decorative painting; two-color painting; and EMI/RFI shielding.

The goal is to create a product that looks as good as it works, and that involves achieving the precise surface texture, part color and shielding to protect sensitive electronic components.

Surface Texture

Smooth or textured? Either way, cast urethane parts can be created so they meet the exact texture requirements. In general, the Moldtech guide is followed, which ranges from MT-11000 to MT-1055-7 for parts that require texture and SPI/SPE A1 to D3 for smoother parts.

The ability to meet exact texture specifications is a testament to a company’s expertise, experience and technology. Specially adjusted spray guns make it possible to texture a master pattern for large-run projects or individual cast urethane parts for short-run projects.

Part Color

Parts and products can be designed, developed and painted (if necessary) to meet specific color palettes. In addition, high-end paint is used so that chipping, cracking and peeling is less likely to occur. Painting parts and products also reduces the chance that mold will develop or that the part will be damaged by the sun’s UV rays.

Working with PDS will ensure that each part meets high-end requirements, whether this means using two color designs, decorative designs or incorporating a logo into the part.

EMI/RFI Shielding

Cast urethane parts are often used to protect sensitive electronics, so PDS can finish parts with Electro Magnetic Interference or Radio Frequency Interference shielding. Protecting electronic devices with RFI shielding can suppress signals using the same frequency. This ensures the operation of the device won’t be hampered from functioning properly.

For more information about cast urethane finishes, download a PDS brochure today!

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