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Even the best industry practices can eventually be improved. Anyone resting on “what has worked before” could be putting themselves behind the competition if those processes are not consistently reviewed.

Keep a strategic point of view with an eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) and those processes will continuously improve.

Key Perfomance Indicators
Source: Active Garage

Best Practices for Operational Efficiency

It’s true operational efficiency will lead to better customer service, improved performance on the shop floor, and of course, a shinier bottom line.

The best place to start is a careful analysis of the KPIs, established with input from across the business. You must know what really matters before you can dive into any improvement plans. It’s fine to start with generally accepted performance indicators throughout your industry, but you’ll definitely need to zero in on what matters most for your business.

With KPIs in place, you can now establish processes for regularly measuring, reporting and tracking your prototype and production service.

Maintaining a Strategic View

The best part about committing to tracking KPIs is that it will change your point of view and the company culture. With measurements and tracking methods in place, you can now elevate your viewpoint to a strategic level, anticipating issues and implementing improvements.

Essentially, you’re taking a proactive business approach that helps you improve overall operational efficiency in the job shop. With a staff that understands the approach, everyone will be thinking strategically from the new guy sweeping the floor to the shop owner.

Making Sure KPIs Hit the Target

Without some specific goals in mind, you may be tracking KPIs that lead your business in the wrong direction. Just like the production processes, KPIs need frequent review to ensure that they are driving the business toward reaching strategic goals. Define the KPIs for your business with specific targets in mind.

If you can’t find time to think strategically, help is available. Consult the experts at PDS for an efficient prototype and production service approach and watch your business improve. Contact us today.

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