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As the pace of innovation rapidly increases, so too do developments in CNC machining. Industries ranging from aerospace to healthcare to automotive are racing to get the next great invention to market first—and they’re doing everything they can to accomplish this task more efficiently and faster than ever.

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Prototypes and products are shrinking in size, exotic materials are more common than ever and speed has never been more important. It’s no wonder these industries are looking to CNC machining services to produce high quality components.

Luckily, the best product development companies have kept pushing the envelope, investing in new technology to keep pace with industry innovations. Here are three developments that make it all possible:

Stronger, faster and more-precise cutting tools

As prototypes and products increasingly call for hard-to-machine materials (including those that are heat resistant), super fine cuts and faster output, CNC machining services have had to invest in new cutting tools.

After recent developments, new cutting tools were developed to cut and drill harder materials, improve precision (which many didn’t think was possible) and increase speed. These tools include diamond-surfaced bits, drills that make use of TiC base-class cement and CBN.

Industry-specific tools

Not every tool is right for certain industries. An automated production line for bamboo flooring might be adaptable for the furniture industry, but it’s not likely to apply in the automotive industry. As prototypes and products across every sector have become more specialized, so too have the tools used by CNC machining services that have invested heavily in industry-specific technology that can deliver the desired results, from threading insert to boring to dry-machining.

Increased efficiency

At the end of the day, a high-quality CNC machining provider is all about delivering the best possible prototype or product at the lowest possible cost as quickly as possible. Today’s leading CNC machining services can accomplish all of the above by investing in the best technology and staff, both of which deliver increased efficiency.

You can take advantage of the latest CNC machining developments by contacting Product Development Solutions for a fast quote today.

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