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It’s been said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

The truth is, there isn’t an organization on the planet that doesn’t want to plan, test and try different options. No company intentionally develops a concept without ensuring that they have access to machines that can properly meet their specifications.

Companies shouldn’t move a concept forward without putting it through the gauntlet of viability and proof-of-concept testing. This includes making sure the right tools and technologies are in place to make the product a reality.

CNC machining services

Unfortunately, other profitable, real-world programs; budget constraints; and a lack of time often get in the way of industrial planning, which is exactly why investing in a prototype and production service is so valuable when it comes to industrial planning.

When a company invests in industrial planning, they invest in success. Here’s why:

Precision Knowledge

Developing new products and concepts takes time and money because it’s generally an undefined, uncharted territory. Relying on a prototype and production service can provide precise information about whether or not an idea is feasible given the current technology, which material is best for which part and whether or not certain machines are able to deliver certain specifications.

In short, prototype machining helps deliver precision parts.


Investing a little time on the front end developing the right tools and technology to bring a concept to life can save a lot of time and money on the back end.

Furthermore, prototype machining makes it apparent early on whether or not the right tools, technology and machines are in place to turn concept into reality. If prototype machining is skipped, a company can get well into a project before constraints are realized.


When prototype machining is leveraged, a company can invest in one, two or a few prototypes until it finds the right model and the right machine. Otherwise, an entire run may be produced before a problem is realized, and by then, a significant amount of money will likely have been wasted.

You can learn more about the benefits of prototype machining for industrial planning by contacting the experts at Product Development Solutions. 



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