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Words describe an idea, pictures are worth a thousand words and prototypes can bring an idea to life. Since business is a race, the first idea to market reaps the riches, and this will affect your prototype’s brand recognition, dearth of competition and customer loyalty.

Getting a product to market on time and on budget means getting everyone — engineers, marketing pros, leaders and investors — on the same page. This is why urethane casting is so important — it allows everyone to quickly bring a product to life and get it to the market.

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Source: Electronic Design

Urethane Casting Reduces Development Costs and Risk

When done correctly, prototyping with urethane casting saves money and minimizes risk. “Correctly” means the team invests just enough time and resources to meet the objectives, which isn’t always easy.

Engineers tinker and marketers brainstorm, but the two elements that should always be at the top of your mind are the finished prototype and the customers. Prototypes reveal feasibility, and the customers who see the prototype will provide feedback.

It’s important to keep everyone focused on the goals of proving the concept and getting customer opinions. If either demonstrates a need for change, this will usually happen early enough that the changes can be made, or the project can be scrapped. Both save companies money and reduce the risk of going to market with an unmarketable product.

The Path to Prototyping is Efficient

Some of the world’s best-selling products began as sketches on whiteboards or a piece of paper. And why not? Sketches combine words and pictures, and ultimately lead to a prototype.

Sketches get mocked up for software, and the software will interpret the data and develop additional hardware and mechanical details. A digital mock prototype is developed and validated before a functional prototype is made. If this sounds easy, it’s because companies have gotten so good at prototyping. 

Urethane Casting Can Help Beat the Competition

In today’s world, first to market usually means first in revenue. Companies that work with a partner specializing in quick prototype production using urethane casting will almost always beat the competition that doesn’t.

Do you want to know more about how prototypes can bring a product to life? Connect with PDS and get a quote.

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