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A good-looking end product is worthless if it doesn’t work or stand up to the demands of your customer. If your company is constantly rebuilding products before they make it out the door, you’ll end up drilling a hole in that profit bucket.

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Gain Control Over Quality with Consistency

One way to keep customers coming back again and again is by producing products with consistent quality. If they know what they’ll receive from your company, doing business will feel more comfortable.

This is accomplished by well-established tests and processes frequently performed by a dedicated staff. As results from tests come in, it is critical that they’re also recorded, so you can answer specific performance questions for potential customers.

During Production

If inconsistencies or quality failures arise after the finished product is complete, you need to revise quality control measures during production.

A good quality practice during production involves drawing samples of the urethane and testing for gel time, viscosity and density. This will give you a clear picture of what may be wrong with a formula or mixture.

Additional material tests are recommended to check the percentage of additives that may affect curing times while parts are being molded.

Post Production

After parts have fully cured, product quality can be measured according to hardness and shrinkage — two critical considerations when selecting the right urethane for the job. When testing for causes of shrinkage, quality pros often look for release agents, mold configuration, urethane casting thicknesses and the ambient temperature of production areas.

But, that’s just the beginning. Take a look at other performance properties often inspected to ensure that expected capabilities are met:

The best service providers will typically have a team of workers who focus specifically on quality control of certain products, as well as the tracking the quality of our urethane casting services. Contact PDS today, and let us show you how we deliver quality everyday.

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