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A shift in attitude among our nation’s manufacturing executives is demonstrating a greater willingness to bring operations back ashore. More and more manufacturing jobs are coming home from abroad, where unfortunately; many factories have snatched up work for far too long.

According to a survey by The Boston Consulting Group, the number of leaders seriously considering moving production back to the U.S. or “re-shoring” is growing. Nearly 54 percent of factories now say they’re planning to, or are considering, a move of a portion of their operation back to America.

prototype and production service
Source: Inc. Magazine


When large operations move elsewhere, the first thing they look for is skill. Businesses that can provide highly technical support, such as prototype manufacturing, CNC machining, cast urethane forming and metal fabrication will be in high demand.

While there’s little doubt in the strength of American manufacturing, the best facilities and infrastructure won’t do much for a company if they can’t access a strong labor resource.

Re-shoring makes sense where innovation drives efficiency

While many countries have shown an ability to efficiently move products out the door, America still leads the world in innovation. Companies that can show manufacturing firms new and better ways to make products smaller, faster and better will win new business after coming home from abroad.

If your services can speed up production without sacrificing quality, you can boost the bottom line for many companies. Quality products and the convenience of doing business in America are economic drivers that have recently shifted in favor of bringing production home. These factors also represent two simple goals that should be at the forefront of business at all times.

Prototype manufacturing services can bring new ideas into the marketplace or renew an old one. This is the type of innovation that drives manufacturing forward, and it’s how PDS builds business for customers every day.

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