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RTV molding, or Room Temperature Vulcanizing, refers to the process of turning rubber solid. This is an inexpensive way to reproduce parts, while still retaining the ability to make highly detailed components.

Source: Makezine

Controlling Hardness

It’s often necessary to create parts with differing hardness depending on the application. Luckily, this is easily controlled with RTV molding and its formulas. Hardness is measured with a scale called a Durometer, as well as values called SHORE strength. The higher the number the less flexible the material.

Curing Processes

RTV rubber formation generally takes place in one of two different processes —condensation or addition curing.

The Mold

The most important piece of the process takes place in the design of the mold. After all, this is what makes or breaks the part, right?

In the hands of a skilled engineer using rapid prototyping technologies, you can create a mold and perfect the design all within a computer software package. Keep a few of these tips in mind during this crucial design phase.

Planning the design, choosing materials and producing efficiently can be a daunting list to tackle. Let the experts at PDS show you the way with our industry leading expertise.

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