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RTV Molding plays a crucial role in the safety, operation, efficiency and refinements needed every day in the aerospace industry. Aerospace is a growing business in need of components to improve safety and make machines more efficient.

777 Factory - Final Assembly - Everett WA
Source: Digital Manufacturing Report

Throughout the Aircraft

On an aircraft, you’ll notice that multiple devices and parts surrounding the structure are created by RTV Molding technology. Everything from aircraft assembly adhesives and sealants to the potting material that lowers vibration for electronics to the seals around the window you’re looking through are all created from this process.

The aircraft’s engine uses gaskets, molded seals, electronic potting, thermal shields, hardware heads, turbine bracket adhesives and joint fill compounds. Yes, urethane even helps keep this machine safely in the air.

Why RTV Molding Works

As the list of components above indicates, the range in materials needed for aerospace is very broad. Pieces need to be produced for a multitude of purposes in many different intricate shapes and in a wide range of hardness.

Cast urethane parts can be produced in soft low-durometer (Shore A) or hardness that can rival metals (Shore D). Engine sealants, gaskets and mounts can be created to resist vibration, while maintaining their shape after a shock. The infamous “Black Box” can be made solid as steel to protect critical data in the event of an emergency.

Bring On the Details

As discussed many times, designers of custom pieces don’t need to hold back when working with RTV Mold components. Tweaks can be made on the fly during the rapid prototyping phase, and short runs won’t destroy your bottom line. With a highly demanding and rapidly changing aerospace industry, you won’t want to fall short on customer needs.

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