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There’s an axiom that gets thrown around by project managers known as the “triple constraint.” It states that projects should be completed quickly, inexpensively and in high quality, but that only two of these goals are achievable because these three factors are at odds with each another.

Apparently the project managers who accept the “triple constraint” as truth have never worked on a project with CNC machining.

CNC machining service

CNC machining is a process that delivers quality products on budget and with the utmost excellence. Here’s how:


There are a lot of reasons why CNC machining increases production turnaround times. First off, the drawing of a part or component can be created using computer-aided design (CAD) and used to spec the product, so there’s no need to create a physical model or prototype. Secondly, the process is carried out by computer-controlled machines (hence the acronym), which are more efficient than manually operated lathes and milling machines. Thirdly, these machines can run (nearly) in perpetuity—24 hours a day, seven days a week. And finally, fewer mistakes occur when computers operate machines.


When it comes to milling, time is money. The sooner a company can get a product to market, the sooner their product will make a profit. CNC machining makes it possible to get products to market more quickly. It also reduces mistakes, which results in lost money in employee time, production and materials.


Machining and milling has always delivered high-quality products, but with advances in technology, the ability to do so even faster and less expensively has increased. CAD allows engineers and designers more opportunities to test different designs before production begins. Using computers to operate machines improves consistency and allows technicians to focus more of their energy on quality control. As a result, complicated angles can be cut with greater precision.

Thanks to CNC machining, it’s possible to manufacture high-quality products quickly and inexpensively. Get a fast quote today and find out just how quickly and inexpensively it can be done.

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