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Two-dimensional images and drawings can help a client see an idea. But until you build the prototype and let them actually make a physical connection to the product, your potential investors may not understand the real purpose of the finished piece.

Developing a prototype can help clients refine an idea and give designers a chance to test functionality. You can’t describe a product thoroughly until you can hold it in your hand or until a prototype is finished to show your company’s commitment to the project. 

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Four ways to build a prototype (it’s not as difficult as you may think)

  1. Enlist the help of experts. Although the initial hourly charge may seem steep, consider the technology prototype and production services have at their fingertips, and then think about how long it would take to build a good prototype yourself. You might spend a much longer time building the prototype, and then end up with a lower-quality model.
  2. It’s still a good idea to start with a handmade model. If you plan to work with a prototyping expert, you can still provide a rudimentary model to help communicate what you’re trying to build. Don’t forget to also collect a complete list of specifications, including the potential application, materials needed, the number of pieces and cost limitations of the finished product.
  3. Refine and rework the prototype before presenting it to clients. Again, this is where the value of a professional designer can make a big difference. A prototype and production service can quickly modify and improve your product digitally.
  4. Don’t underestimate your product. Prototypes take shape from highly detailed plans or ideas scratched out with pencil and paper. If you have an idea that’s worth the effort, a prototyping service can help bring it to life.

What you’re trying to accomplish with a new product is a real connection with consumers. Clients that can hold or even operate a new product will be able to make that connection and offer up improvements. This can be a priceless asset for your business.

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