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It’s been hailed by machining companies, covered extensively by industry media and studied by universities researchers, but the advantages of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining are still not fully understood. 

CNC machining is a type of manufacturing that uses computers to control lathes, mills, routers and grinders. It’s efficient, precise and easily adaptable. In other words, CNC machining offers an array of advantages that simply can’t be ignored.

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Once the initial set up is complete, CNC machining is almost 100 percent automated. There’s no need for a machinist to be on hand, and the system can run continuously for hours or even days. This automation offers several advantages — increased safety (there are no employees involved in jams or other types of machine errors); increased productivity (operators are free to work on other projects); and savings on overhead (machines can work, uninterrupted, all day and night without breaks or overtime pay).


Unlike human machinists, who can never perform the same task exactly the same two times, computers can be programmed to do exactly this, time and time again. Computers deliver precision that’s unattainable with human machinists. Using a computer ensures that every cut will be the same — within thousandths of an inch — every time. This helps increase profits and minimize costs, especially for large-run projects. 


Re-training a human machinist to produce a new part — with new angles, specs and cuts –can take several hours or even more than a day. However, re-programming a computer can be accomplished in as few as two hours. One of the biggest advantages of using computers for prototyping is the flexibility it delivers. In addition to being easily re-programmed, this technology also allows for a variety of parts to be manufactured without overhauling components. This allows companies to meet the needs of many customers without investing heavily in capital (other than the initial investment). 

It’s efficient, it produces parts with precision and it’s easily adapted to produce an array of parts. This is CNC machining, and its advantages are undeniable. You can learn more about computer numerical machining and by getting a fast quote from PDS today.

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