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If your company manufactures or designs intricate electronic devices for industries that demand reliable products, you know how important it is to address the issue of radio frequency interference (RFI).

Basically, RFI refers to the electromagnetic waves generated by one device negatively interfering with another’s. The waves of competing devices can cause malfunctions by suppressing signals inside your electronic equipment.

This can potentially shut down equipment operation. Many industries need to take measures to prevent this from occurring wherever radio frequencies or electromagnetic waves are present with some simple shielding.


RFI ShieldingStopping RFI

RFI shielding agents can be used for protection. Most manufacturers use an acrylic-based spray applied to the housings of electronic components. Metals such as nickel, silver and copper, in high purity, are present in this particular spray to help reduce or stop RFI completely. The same type of paint with shielding agents is available in brush-on coatings as well.

The importance

Within the telecom industry, RFI shielding is critically important. This industry stands out the most in shielding RFI, but awareness of RFI is even more important to medical equipment manufacturers where suppressed signals can hamper the operation of a device using the same frequency.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets standards that prevent machinery from being affected by common outside electronic devices. You must protect your products from the interference of cell phones, PDAs, laptops and other devices. Proper use of RFI shielding agents gives medical equipment manufacturers the ability meet this requirement, as long as they know about the dangers of interference.

The details make the difference. When it’s time to design and produce the right product for your needs, tap into the experience of Product Development Solutions, Inc. Being aware and addressing potential issues before they cost you valuable time and money is part of our comprehensive line of services. Contact us today.


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