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If ever there was a field that benefits from the precision, efficiency and speed of CNC machining, it’s the medical device and equipment industry. From medical MRI machines to equipment for cardiac catheterization labs, medical equipment is not only improving the length and quality of people’s lives—it’s saving them too.

People are living longer, science and technology are pushing preconceived notions to their limits and the public has come to rely on and expect cutting edge diagnostic and life-saving equipment as part of their everyday healthcare services. As a result, there’s no room for error.

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Luckily medical equipment manufacturers who offer CNC machining services can meet this demand. What makes these manufacturers so critically important to the industry is their ability to design and develop small-scale parts and components, use a variety of exotic materials and manufacture and assemble parts with a fast turnaround.

As technological capabilities explode, the competition among companies that design and sell medical equipment has become more intense. Getting to the market first can mean millions for companies, as well as millions of lives saved or enhanced.

A lot of equipment requires the use of materials that won’t affect the body or interfere with the equipment’s functionality. For example, MRI machines, with their superconducting magnets, often require the use of materials such as niobium-titanium alloy, polyurethanes and those that require pressure sensitive adhesives during assembly. Not every manufacturer has the staff and state-of-the-art technology to make these prototypes or parts, much less the ability to use pressure sensitive adhesives to assemble the components.

However, PDS has been doing this for years and continues to grow with the industry. Our CNC machining services — with its design flexibility, fast prototyping capabilities and cost effectiveness — help fuel this growth. We accommodate the design and development processes for medical equipment, which often includes many iterations of a certain product.

Product Development Solutions is highly skilled in producing cost-effective solutions for companies with our top-of-the-line CNC precision machining capabilities. Contact us today for a fast quote on your next medical project.

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