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Trying to imagine a world without large machining is like imagining a world free of armies, cars, airplanes, prescription drugs and electricity. It’s hard to do.

In reality, large machining plays an important role in the transportation, healthcare and energy industries, along with many more vital industry sectors. Large machining is critical to many businesses, making life-saving technologies a reality and enhancing the quality of life for people everywhere. It’s no wonder, then, that companies claiming to provide high-quality large machining services seem ubiquitous. After all, if there’s a dollar to be chased, people will lace up their running shoes.

large machining services

But what separates the good from the bad? How can a company in need of large machining services distinguish between manufacturing companies that value milling and turning over gaining profit?

The answer lies in technology, facilities and capabilities.


The top manufacturing companies make it a priority to invest in best-in-class technologies and equipment. Technology and equipment make it possible for top manufacturing companies to deliver not only high-quality milling and tooling services, but also the ability to deliver cost savings, special projects and error-free production. True partnership and problem-solving services get products to market quicker and more efficiently.


There are companies that say they can handle any project, and then there are companies that have the technology and facilities to actually follow through with it. A true full-service facility has the capabilities to provide CNC milling and turning, prototype machining, manufacturing of cast urethane parts, in-house painting, light mechanical assembly and shipping.


The best technology and facilities won’t deliver results unless it’s delivered with skill, experience and innovative thinking. PDS, for example, can produce components up to 27 inches by 60 inches, and we do it quickly to precise specifications at a cost that meets our partners’ needs.

The world would be a much different place without heavy machining. Thankfully, there are companies with the ability to meet the needs of vital industry sectors. PDS is one of them, so get a fast quote from an industry leader today! 

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