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While we all spent a lot of time as little kids digging holes for no apparent purpose, holemaking in the world of precision machining happens for some very important reasons. It dramatically affects the performance of the parts we depend on to get our work done.

Mechanical Drill
Source: Ingersoll Cutting Tools via American Machinist

Follow these tips for improved holemaking

Use the right drill for the job. Drills and their bits can vary in their purpose and usable life. Understand what their uses are and how often those bits need to be replaced. The variety of drill bits used for metals and plastics grows every day. Use an experienced provider to ensure the right equipment is available.

Pay attention to the finish. If a clean finish is required, you can save time and money by using a drill that leaves behind a clean finish.

How fast can you retool? Exchangeable-tip drills can accommodate a wide range of capability over a limited drill mechanism such as Indexable, Solid Carbide twist or Brazed carbide-tipped. Exchangeable-tip drills have been around for several years and allow the machine shop to provide an expanded range of services, speeding up production and preventing the use of multiple providers.

The parameters that affect accuracy and efficiency are cutting speed and the penetration rate. Basically, if you’re using a hard material, the holes simply won’t take shape as fast. Review whether you need hard materials in your product or if a softer material could be used. Efficiencies will improve.

Consider all the factors associated with the holes including the size, depth, tolerances needed, material being drilled and the number of holes needed in the component. All of these factors will affect performance. Don’t leave any details unchecked. Holemaking is not as simple as it seems.

A properly equipped precision machining company is the key to success with holemaking and all of your needs. Contact Product Development Solutions, and let us show you how we meet the need.

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