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All this fuss about prototypes has to have a purpose behind it. I think we can all understand that actually holding a part and seeing it in-person makes a huge difference no matter how much resolution your computer screen may provide.

Here are five more things you can learn from a prototype.

Source: Zurb

The fit and function

The explosion of mobile phones birthed a massive ancillary market of accessories, namely the cases to protect them. Designers in charge of producing these cases can’t guarantee the success of their work without seeing the actual case on the phone. It must fit and work.

Will it last?

You never know until you test. Using the same materials in the prototype that will eventually be used in the final product can help engineers prove the product will last through real-world simulations.

Can we afford to produce this?

The greatest designs may fall flat when they reach the production phase. By delivering a prototype, a company can tell how much it will cost to produce a design and ultimately what the price tag will be on that item. This is a serious reality check every product must pass.

Building some momentum

If it’s important for you to see what the end product might look like, it’s even more important for your clients. Bring that prototype to your next trade show and make a real impression on these important people.

Inspire innovation

Prototypes have a way of exposing limitations in designs, which will lead to improvements and finally the innovations that improve the final deliverable. What you’re looking at today can always be improved. How to make those improvements won’t be obvious on a CAD drawing and being able to work with a prototype will show the areas of improvement more clearly.

The catch with all of this prototype business is that customers want innovation and improvement fast. That’s where the rapid prototyping capabilities of Product Development Solutions can help. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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