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Laser marking and engraving has progressed from a cool add-on to a necessity for prototype and production services. This shift can be attributed to technical advancements with computer-aided systems that can reproduce high resolution images and machine readable codes (and just about anything else you can imagine).

The potential for using laser marking continues to expand to a point where it’s virtually limitless.

Source: Chron

Advantages of laser engraving

— Laser technology has improved so much that it’s difficult to find a material that can’t accommodate high-precision laser marking and engraving. Quality laser engraving can be added to gold, stainless steel, platinum, silver, brass and much more. Medical-grade plastics and alloys can be used in addition to those metals.
— Laser markings and engravings are tough. Non-contact laser technologies produce a durable mark that stands up to high-temperatures even after the part leaves the shop. This means that intricate markings won’t disappear easily or become unreadable.
— Laser engraving is great for components that need to be tracked throughout their lifetime. This is a big selling point for government entities or any company looking to keep their parts secure.
— The laser engraving process involves no toxic solvents or acids, making it safer for employees.
— This task can be completed faster than ever before. Your employees and machines won’t be taxed by secondary operations. Additionally, your resources can be redirected to building quality into a specific part instead of the finishing process.

The initial investment in computer-controlled laser engraving systems can be substantial, but the expanded usefulness and efficiency may be worth the cost. If securing your own system isn’t in your budget, the cost of hiring an outside firm to engrave your products is a reasonable alternative.

Secondary operations for prototype and production services are becoming more and more critical to the success of workable products. Contact Product Development Solutions today to get a fast quote and learn how we can help with your next project.

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