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Efficiency, precision, on-time performance and avoiding costly errors are all words those in the manufacturing world live by every day. As a result, this turns our focus to machines, product development, downtime and process improvement.

Oftentimes, we forget about the people driving the indicators of success. It takes a skilled and dedicated workforce to get the results we all want. The successful relationship between man and machine comes with experience and trust built over time.

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Two areas in particular stand out to us when there’s an issue at a manufacturing firm. First is that the employees aren’t in the best position, and second is that too many folks are not willing to adopt new technologies or processes.


Let’s face it; the pool of skilled workers in the manufacturing field is shallow. It takes a long time to hire someone and even longer to get them trained and driving revenue. The costs of hiring, training and waiting out the learning curve are enormous.

The best way to cut these costs is to accurately identify the needs of the position and matching that description. It’s worth the effort right now to assemble performance requirements across the factory floor before the next hire is made. People who excel in their job drive success.

Embracing change

Accurately identifying needs within each job is only step one of a larger system for finding and fixing the problem. Oftentimes, businesses are aware of the issue, but no one ever stops to fix it. The staff can’t seem to stop the grind long enough to find a solution, and what they’re doing is making themselves work harder without benefiting the bottom line.

Building in assessment tools will show everyone that change will happen in the form of continuous improvement. Soon, change will become an expectation and not some strange occurrence.

Building in efficiency and profits is part of what Product Development Solutions strives to achieve for its customers every day. Contact us today to talk about your next product.

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