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CNC (or Computer Numerical Control) Precision Machining is a widely used technique for producing a variety of complex parts and components with a high degree of accuracy.

CNC Precision Parts


The precursor to CNC machining was numerical controlled (NC) metal fabrication, which was developed for the U.S. Air Force to help cut the costs associated with manufacturing parts with complex curved geometries. This machining technology quickly became the industry standard beyond military applications.

As computers entered the industrial world in the late 1960s, naturally the concept of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) took shape with the addition of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Machining (CAM) technologies. By the late 1980s, CNC machines were recognized as the industry standard.

Why we use it

It doesn’t really matter what type of component or tool you need, the right CNC machining devices in the hands of a skilled professional can do the job. Whether you’re using a prototype design or a specific mold with steel, metal, brass or even plastic, CNC machining techniques will bring your part to life.

On top of the versatility, CNC precision machining produces components with nearly perfect accuracy with each repetition.

Use the right company

The advantages of CNC precision machining are obvious and this technology is also a time-tested technique. However, it doesn’t come easy. Make sure the provider you choose is experienced in a number of industries.  Some CNC precision machining providers may not have access to all the latest tools or the right technologies for every industry, giving them a very narrow focus. The best providers will be able to take their customers from concept to finished part and offer money- and time-saving advice every step of the way.

Shop for a partner in your business, not just someone looking to stamp out the parts they’re told to produce.

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