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The design of medical devices can be an expensive proposition. Especially when you consider the time needed to gather the precise specifications, design the piece, test and redesign it, make changes and finally move on to production.

In the hands of experienced experts, cast urethane processes have taken significant steps toward shortening the time needed for this process.

Cast Urethane Prototype

Rapid design advancement

The idea of cast urethanes is not new, but as speed to market became more critical to customers, companies have developed methods for accommodating design iterations with urethane materials and castings.

First, many shops look to produce the plastic components, while waiting for the aluminum or metal components to be completed. Given the accuracy of CNC software programs at work today, manufacturers and designers can proceed with confidence.

Also the cost of developing urethane molds has dropped as the life of these molds has grown shorter. As customer and market demands shift, medical device producers can quickly adapt their products. Some companies are adjusting designs multiple times each year.

Cast urethane development routinely meets this need.

Benefits of cast urethanes

Not every company is looking to sell a million parts. Most require shorter runs and this can lead to a big expense just to move parts into the production line through a commitment to hard tooling. Cast urethane processes allow for several hundred pieces to be cranked out from a single mold. If your production needs land somewhere in the hundreds and not the millions, this can be a tremendous solution.

Short runs, quick design iterations and a reduced cycle time should make any designer smile.

The cast urethane process is a tried-and-true mode of production that continues to make major strides in technology. Numerous cast urethane shops offer comprehensive services that take your product from design to production, while staying on board through new product developments.

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