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This may very well be manufacturing’s Golden Age. Since machinist and inventor John Runyon successfully used computers to produce punch tapes in the mid-1950s, the industry has been increasing in both capability and efficiency.

Today, with advances in computer numerical control machining, it’s never been easier and more affordable to manufacture high-quality components.

Machining has been steadily evolving and improving for decades, but thanks to CNC machining, manufacturers are enjoying more accuracy, greater options and better quality than ever before.

CNC machining service


Precision matters more today than in the past. Parts and components are becoming smaller at the same time their tolerance levels are expected to increase.

In the past, it was difficult to ensure accuracy because components were cut from one flat sheet of metal, and the thickness of each sheet varied. As a result, no two components were exactly the same size. With today’s CNC machining technology, components can be laser cut from a block of metal, ensuring that each component is exactly the same.

Laser cutting

Only 10 years ago, the idea of using a laser to manufacture components would have seemed like something out of a George Orwell movie — abstract and unlikely. However, machinists are now combining CNC machining with laser cutting technology to create incredibly precise components, while simultaneously reducing waste.

Lasers allow technicians to work with a smaller block of steel (thereby reducing waste), creating intricate cuts, angles and slopes that increase the quality of components.


At the end of the day, quality is all that matters. CNC machining delivers unmatched quality, cleaner finishes free of distortion, sharper edges and no damage to the product.

Today’s technology is delivering levels of quality never before seen in the manufacturing industry, truly making this the Golden Age. Take advantage of this time of excitement and prosperity by getting a quote from Product Development Solutions today.

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