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One of the more frustrating aspects of being an inventor is clearly explaining to a potential buyer what lives in your mind. Flat, 2D drawings and reams of description can deliver the specs of your idea, but nothing beats a real prototype.

That is why a prototype and production service can be such a profitable partner. Check out these five reasons why developing a prototype should be a part of your plan.

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Prototypes give decision makers a sample of the product in development. You can see it, touch it and start to explore how this new idea will translate to the marketplace.

Will it work?

As a designer of a new product, it may be premature to assume a new design will function well and mass-produce easily. A detailed prototype truly puts your design to the test. A prototype and production service can deliver detailed models that help determine the next steps towards production.

It may not be too expensive.

Advances in rapid prototyping technology has become more common. With a good drawing in-hand, a prototype can materialize quickly for a very reasonable cost. Good prototypes also help expose errors in design and function before they’re discovered during production. Furthermore, errors only get more expensive as the process continues.

Ideas move to market faster.

Fast prototyping technology can move ideas from testing and customer approvals to production in a more efficient manner. With a physical prototype, everyone can hold the piece, test the functionality and approve a production plan quickly with an accurate model.

Increase your odds for success.

The ability to produce prototypes quickly and inexpensively means more people can review the item and give feedback. If a new invention isn’t attractive in the marketplace, you won’t waste time and money pushing something that won’t sell or has limited use.

The experts at PDS know how to develop precise prototypes with access to state-of-the-art technology. We also understand business and what your customers want. Call us today for a fast quote, and let us show you how prototypes can benefit your business.

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