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Pre-Production Prototype
Source: Product Development Solutions

One of the most rewarding moments for an inventor or for a company adding a new product actually occurs when the first prototype takes shape and an idea comes to life. This is a magical moment, but when that moment fades away, designing a pre-production prototype offers many practical advantages.

4 advantages for designing a pre-production prototype

  1. It’s not going to be perfect the first time. The idea looks great to everyone, but until you build the prototype, hold it and watch it function, you only know that it’s going to work in theory. When you’re done admiring the design, a prototype will help you prove that it will work.
  2. Testing different materials. Often engineers and designers are tasked with improving an existing product by making it lighter, more durable, more flexible or something with “more” in front of the idea. Building a one-off prototype gives you the ability to test different materials inexpensively.
  3. Does anyone else know your team is brilliant? You understand why your design works well and why it is the best option for a potential client without even testing. It’s a little more difficult to convince the people who will be paying for it. Without a prototype to help customers understand the usefulness, you’re still depending on “theory.”
  4. You mean business. A prototype says that your product is more than just an idea on a PowerPoint slide. It means you truly understand how it is going to work and that you are serious. Everyone has an idea. When you have a real product in hand, you’re serious and moving forward.

Knowing how critical designing a pre-production prototype can be to your business, making it happen can be tricky. You need to move your thought process from “What’s possible?” to “How can I get this done?” Employing the assistance of an experienced design and manufacturing partner should be your next move.

Product Development Solutions has delivered with full-service capability in CNC machining, prototype production and assembly, using a wide range of materials, since 2000. Bring your design to us or contact us for a fast quote.

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