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What if a company could brand every product it makes? What if a product’s size, shape or substance no longer proved prohibitive when it came to printing? What if there was a sophisticated printing technique that could handle the most complex of printing specifications, while getting the job done quickly and inexpensively?

Pad Printer
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Here’s a two-word solution to all of the above questions — pad printing. Pad printing is a gravure-printing process that makes it possible to transfer a two-dimensional image onto a three-dimensional product. It’s a finishing technique that offers a myriad of benefits, including:

The ability to print on nearly every surface, regardless of shape.

The most striking difference between pad printing and other printing processes is its ability to print on nearly any shape or surface — concave, convex, curved, uneven and hollows.

Prototype manufacturing servicesuse pad printing to put logos, website addresses and phone numbers on everything from golf balls and cell phone covers to thermostats and medical devices of all shapes and sizes.

The ability to print on nearly every substance.

It’s not a hyperbole to say that pad printing can be used on almost any material. Plastic, metal, glass, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and food (yes, food) can be printed on thanks to this unique process. Its versatility makes pad printing a valuable way to help distinguish your company’s product from other competitors.

Better resolution.

Putting a logo, phone number or web address on a product doesn’t do any good if the consumer can’t read or see it. Pad printing offers far better resolution than screen or hot-stamp printing, especially on surfaces that have traditionally been difficult to print on. Not only is pad printing resolution better, it’s also extremely resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

Pad printing makes it possible to print on nearly every prototype and product in crystal clear quality. To learn more about these benefits, contact a prototype manufacturing service with the abilityto create beautiful finishes.Contact PDS today.

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