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Is RTV Molding the Best Rapid Prototyping Technology for Your Project?

RTV or Room Temperature Vulcanizing, in the simplest terms, describes how rubber becomes solid, but it is also a rapid tooling method that designers can use to make modeling and testing of new components much easier. Many engineers also see
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RTV Molding for Aerospace

RTV Molding plays a crucial role in the safety, operation, efficiency and refinements needed every day in the aerospace industry. Aerospace is a growing business in need of components to improve safety and make machines more efficient. Throughout the Aircraft
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Painting Cast Urethane Parts

To obtain a production-quality finish, some designers must paint cured cast urethane parts. It’s true that virtually any shade can be produced in a cast urethane part, but some projects may still require paint. Like any paint project, preparation and understanding
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Calculating Shrinkage for Cast Parts

Oftentimes, a frustrating (and sometimes expensive) issue arises when a part designer does not take the time to factor in shrinkage for a cast urethane component. Even the most experienced designers can be caught off guard by the many factors that
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Rapid Tooling Techniques

Speaking in broad high-level terms, rapid tooling techniques come down to two main approaches — indirect and direct. Here are some quick definitions. Indirect tooling refers to pattern-based methods where the tool is made from a prototype depicting the part.
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Why Cast Urethane Prototypes?

The design of medical devices can be an expensive proposition. Especially when you consider the time needed to gather the precise specifications, design the piece, test and redesign it, make changes and finally move on to production. In the hands
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Developing Products: Moving From Prototypes to Production

So, rapid prototyping technology helped your company develop your latest line extension in a fast and efficient manner. But, now it’s time to talk about actual production, which can be quite an intimidating process. Production vs. Prototype All the creativity and
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5 Things You Should Know About Urethane Casting

Lead designers looking to create a functional, durable and attractive prototype for customers generally start with five variables in mind — appearance, materials, precision, elastomers and quantity. Now connect these five factors to cast urethane, and you will see how this material
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