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Why Choose RTV Molding?

Sometimes the question isn’t “why?” Sometimes the question is “why not?” This is certainly true when it comes to determining which tooling option to use to produce small quantities of prototypes or production for form or fit testing. When this
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Standard Work Instructions — Key Lean Manufacturing Initiative for Job Shops

A clear set of standards guiding your shop will lead to top-notch efficiency, satisfied customers, skilled employees and an improved bottom line. Any job shop knows the importance of lean manufacturing, which occurs from accurately and diligently documenting standard work. Standard
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The Use of CNC Machining in Rapid Prototyping

When time, flexibility and precision matter, CNC rapid prototyping delivers. Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, is a rapid prototyping process that differs from more conventional methods. Instead of building layers to make prototypes the way other rapid prototyping processes do,
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Urethane Casting Guidelines

So, how does urethane casting actually work? Of course, you can make about anything you want, but the process doesn’t vary too much. Let’s get started. The Basic Process Casting generally begins with a stereolithography (SLA) master pattern of the
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Let the Salesmen In

One thing you’ve learned through your experience in the business world is who you can trust and who you’d rather not deal with. The salesman sitting in your lobby often fits into the latter category, but don’t be too quick
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FDM and SLA Technology

When Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turned the machining world on its ear, entire industries jumped on board and happily churned out parts by the thousands without the added cost of humans controlling production. However, what CNC machining did not offer
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Quality Control Ensures Reliable Products

A good-looking end product is worthless if it doesn’t work or stand up to the demands of your customer. If your company is constantly rebuilding products before they make it out the door, you’ll end up drilling a hole in
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Choosing the Correct Casting Resin

You have a strong design for your part, a clear vision of what it’s supposed to do and the customer seems happy. All is well, correct? In actuality, you may want to reevaluate these matters. Parts will only perform as
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Mixing and Pouring RTV Rubber

RTV molding is inexpensive and it can produce multiple copies of a part or pattern. In fact, it’s so flexible that even the most intricate and detailed parts can be reproduced. RTV molding is an affordable solution for prototyping, testing
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The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

The future is now—at least when it comes to rapid prototyping. Imagine a world in which the process of creating a prototype starts with the prototype, allowing for greater design flexibility and more opportunities to make changes earlier in the
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