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Silk Screening Produces High-Quality Prototypes

Inexpensive, simple and high-quality represent three words most businesses love to hear. If your business needs to produce a prototype with a quality finish, then silk screening is an excellent option. The silk screening process is very similar to the
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Bead Blasting Provides the Smoothest Finish

Sandpaper, fillers and solvents might be a thing of the past — at least when it comes to finishing fused deposition modeling (FDM). FDM technology allows manufacturers to quickly and inexpensively create parts, patterns and tools. Bead blasting, a simple
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Selective Anodizing for Metal Components

Anodizing a metal part protects prototypes from wear and corrosion. Selective anodizing comes into play when the anodizing process can’t be tolerated on a certain component, such as mating components or threads. What is anodizing? The anodizing process adds a
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Conceptual Engineering a Crucial Phase for Product Development

There comes a point in the life cycle of every product when concepts, renderings and doodles on scraps of paper must be evaluated for their efficacy. This is the moment when proposed solutions are either accepted or scrapped, and the best concepts
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Custom Tips for Rapid Prototyping

Any engineer will tell you that all parts are not created equal. Design, form, function and materials all vary heavily depending on the part’s purpose, which is why rapid prototyping— and the ability to customize — is so important. Rapid
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Metalworking Industry Continues to Grow

It seems as though the Great Recession is continually affecting the world’s economy. However, a recent news story is giving metalworkers reason to celebrate. In recent months, the metalworking industry has been showing signs of wriggling free from an unforgiving
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Top Advantages of Laser Engraved Finishes

Laser marking and engraving has progressed from a cool add-on to a necessity for prototype and production services. This shift can be attributed to technical advancements with computer-aided systems that can reproduce high resolution images and machine readable codes (and
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3D Printing or CNC Machined Parts?

All the coverage and attention given to 3D printing technologies makes it seem like the future of production is shifting. Like any other budding technology, 3D printing has its advantages and limitations too. Instead of adding material, take it away
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The Ins and Outs of Plastic Prototyping

So, you’re ready to take a brilliant design to the market, and it’s become clear that this genius widget should be made from plastic. Even if you plan to enlist the assistance of a plastic prototyping service, it helps if
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Cutting Costs: 7 Ways to Trim Machining Expenses

Everyone wants to produce innovative and functional parts, until they see the price tag. Sacrificing quality will bring a world of dissatisfaction, and you’ll eventually find yourself looking for cost savings within the process itself. If the process involves CNC machining,
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