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CNC Machining & the U.S. Air Force

We all learned how much World War II changed the political landscape, but what’s often overlooked is the bright light it shined on manufacturing high-quality parts. In 1947, the need for speed and accuracy led to the invention of modern numerical
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Samir Mehta Talks Rapid Prototyping & Future Markets

If anyone understands the ways in which rapid prototyping is changing the aerospace and defense industry, it’s Samir Mehta — the president of military systems at the behemoth manufacturer of helicopters, Sirkorsky. Over the course of the past few years, Mehta has
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Understanding the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Not every industry can infuse the global economy with hundreds of billions of dollars, involve itself in protecting nations and lay claim to some of the most important technological innovations in the history of man. However, one that can is
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Determine the Best Value and Total Cost of Your Business

A few years ago, a slew of car companies started touting the total cost of ownership on their models. They wanted potential buyers to know that even though their cars may cost more, the total cost of ownership (TCO) actually made them less expensive
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Finishing Cast Urethane Parts

The benefits of cast urethanes have been well established to include machinability, sound resistance, strength and reduced cost. But perhaps the most noticeable benefit is the finished product. Parts and products can be painted and textured with a flat or shiny look, ensuring
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CNC Machined Parts Compared to FDM

While one type of technology is ideal for completing short runs quickly and inexpensively, the other creates prototypes that are nearly exact replicas of final products. Both of these technologies have changed the way parts are machined in almost every industry. Fused deposition
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Re-shoring Resurgence Aids Manufacturing’s Comeback

A shift in attitude among our nation’s manufacturing executives is demonstrating a greater willingness to bring operations back ashore. More and more manufacturing jobs are coming home from abroad, where unfortunately; many factories have snatched up work for far too long. According to
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Top 5 Benefits of Cast Urethanes

Compiling a complete list of every cast urethane benefit is difficult enough, but choosing a top five is a daunting task. Polyurethane, which is also commonly referred to as urethane, is one of the most resilient and malleable materials available to manufacturers
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Design Guidelines for Cast Urethanes

Urethane casting is an inexpensive and effective way to move from prototype to production. But before it’s produced, an electronic prototype design is created using a computer numerical control (CNC) software. After the master pattern is created, silicone rubber is poured
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Upcoming Trends and Innovations in the Automotive Industry

“If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” This famous quote has been attributed to Henry Ford, the visionary founder of Ford Motor Company and the man behind the development of the assembly line. Whether
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