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Aerospace Machining Makes Human Flight Possible

The Wright brothers get all the credit for the world’s first airplane. But behind the scenes on that December day in 1903 was another pioneer who was every bit as important to the mission, but far less celebrated — Charles
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Is CNC Machining Better Than Rapid Prototyping?

In the past 15 years, the development of prototypes has changed significantly for the better. Rapid prototyping emerged with a big advantage over CNC machining from a speed perspective, but lacking when it came to accuracy and the ability to
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The Role of Large Machining in Vital Industry Sectors

Trying to imagine a world without large machining is like imagining a world free of armies, cars, airplanes, prescription drugs and electricity. It’s hard to do. In reality, large machining plays an important role in the transportation, healthcare and energy
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The Need and Importance of Prototype Machining and Modeling

Acquiring expensive material, fabricating pieces and delivering your company’s final product is a costly endeavor. Delivering the best possible product is critical, and as a manufacturer, you need to be sure it’s done right. In the end, the final piece
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Designing Aircraft Assembly Fixtures

Precision, speed, efficiency and the ability to carry ever-increasing loads are the main characteristics aerospace companies look for in their aircrafts. The industry is more competitive than ever, and the pressure to design, manufacture and deliver the next generation of aircrafts
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The Importance of Associating with Best Name Aerospace Tooling Partners

Experts in highly technical fields such as electro-hydraulics, programmable logic controls, aerospace tooling and motion control analysis don’t achieve expertise as soon as they enter the field. Instead, their wide-ranging knowledge is attained after years of experience and intense study. If
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Check Out PDS’ Interview with GMSP Business!

As the world’s economy struggles to emerge from the shadow of the Great Recession, one industry is serving as a beacon. Manufacturing companies are a shining example of how willingness to innovate and adapt can lead to success. After 10 years of flat
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Aerospace Corrosion Protection & Surface Treatments

Corrosion. It’s the scourge of nearly every metal used in aerospace engineering. It strikes seemingly out of nowhere, inflicting damage that can remain silent for long periods of time. Corrosion is frequently cosmetic and can ultimately prove debilitating. It can
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Top 5 Aerospace Equipment Manufacturers

The aerospace sector continues to strengthen as significant revenue and earnings are expected to grow throughout the second half of the year. The best news for the manufacturers supporting this industry is that they don’t need to be one of
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Moving Aerospace Components From Prototype to Production

Time is money, and it always seems to fly when a company moves from prototype to production. Luckily, advances in rapid prototyping are making the process faster, more efficient and less expensive, which might explain why its popularity is growing
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