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Advantages of Designing a Pre-Production Prototype

One of the most rewarding moments for an inventor or for a company adding a new product actually occurs when the first prototype takes shape and an idea comes to life. This is a magical moment, but when that moment
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The Cost Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

The idea of a new product launch no longer seems like a novelty. However, there continues to be a high expectation from these businesses as they continue to evolve their product lines and extend their existing capabilities. While consumers enjoy using new
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pad printer

Top Advantages of Pad Printed Finishes

What if a company could brand every product it makes? What if a product’s size, shape or substance no longer proved prohibitive when it came to printing? What if there was a sophisticated printing technique that could handle the most
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project planning

5 Reasons to Develop a Prototype Today

One of the more frustrating aspects of being an inventor is clearly explaining to a potential buyer what lives in your mind. Flat, 2D drawings and reams of description can deliver the specs of your idea, but nothing beats a
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Taking Rapid Prototyping to the Next Level

Rapid prototyping isn’t a new technology. Manufacturers have been taking advantage of it for decades and its usefulness has only grown over time. In the beginning The need to develop a physical model for customers to see and hold has long been beneficial
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How Does Anodizing Compare to Ceramic Coating?

Anodizing or ceramic coating? This is a question a lot of engineers ask themselves when they’re drawing up plans for parts and products made from aluminum and aluminum alloys. Both produce surfaces that are hard, corrosion-resistant and aesthetically pleasing to look at.
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The Continual Rise of U.S. Manufacturing

“Ex Malo Bonum” is a Latin phrase that translates roughly to good things often come from bad situations. Today, it perfectly sums up the current state of the manufacturing industry. During the Great Recession, many companies went overseas for their prototype manufacturing needs,
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Samir Mehta Talks Rapid Prototyping & Future Markets

If anyone understands the ways in which rapid prototyping is changing the aerospace and defense industry, it’s Samir Mehta — the president of military systems at the behemoth manufacturer of helicopters, Sirkorsky. Over the course of the past few years, Mehta has
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Understanding the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Not every industry can infuse the global economy with hundreds of billions of dollars, involve itself in protecting nations and lay claim to some of the most important technological innovations in the history of man. However, one that can is
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Implementing Rapid Prototyping Using CNC Machining

Manufacturing has seen the future. Like every other industry, advances in technology have changed manufacturing for the better. Machines are able to cut, turn and mill parts and components that are more intricate than ever. Furthermore, manufacturers are able to offer
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