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Computer Controlled Tools Used in CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Ccontrol (CNC) machining is synonymous with precision and flexibility. It allows manufacturers to work with exotic materials, use a wide range of shapes and produce products with intricate parts, time and time again. In fact, CNC machining is
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Project Showcase: Horseshoe Headrest

Product Development Solutions recently teamed up with IMRIS Inc. to deliver a truly first-of-its-kind product within the medical equipment industry. The launch of our “horseshoe headrest” marks the world’s first MR-safe and CT-compatible headrest ever created by medical equipment manufacturers. The
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An Overview of the Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Machinery manufacturing represents one of the most extensive and competitive business sectors in the U.S. economy. America ranked third in the world among suppliers of capital equipment with more than $160 billion in exports in 2011. Additionally, domestic manufacturers own a
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Top Advantages of Lights Out Manufacturing

Humans provide the skill, know-how and effort that keep every business running. Nonetheless, if you can safely and efficiently keep your manufacturing business rolling when they’re not around, you’ll see some big benefits. Lights out manufacturing requires no human presence as
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Exotic Materials Used in CNC Machining

When precision matters, manufacturers often turn to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining and exotic materials. CNC machining offers an array of advantages, including enhanced precision, the ability to produce complex shapes and the freedom to work with exotic materials. Exotic
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5 Benefits of Manufacturing Plastic Parts

Plastic or metal? That’s the age-old question manufacturers have wrestled with since Jons Jacob Berzelius unveiled the first condensation polymer in 1847. Today, the answer is clear — plastic. Plastic manufacturing services are the most sought-after by companies producing reliable
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The Importance of RFI Shielding

If your company manufactures or designs intricate electronic devices for industries that demand reliable products, you know how important it is to address the issue of radio frequency interference (RFI). Basically, RFI refers to the electromagnetic waves generated by one
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Design Control Guidance for Medical Device Manufacturers

The medical device industry is enhancing the quality of life for people around the world. It’s also highly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). From design to development planning to research and sales, the FDA closely monitors
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RTV Mold and Resin Casting

RTV molding, or Room Temperature Vulcanizing, refers to the process of turning rubber solid. This is an inexpensive way to reproduce parts, while still retaining the ability to make highly detailed components. Controlling Hardness It’s often necessary to create parts
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Some Technical Notes on Machining Slots

It has long been one of the most difficult machining tasks in the industry. Its challenges include increased cutting forces and heat, uneven chip load and a lack of space for chip evacuation. This is the process of machining slots,
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