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The Advantages of CNC Machining as a Prototyping Technology

It’s been hailed by machining companies, covered extensively by industry media and studied by universities researchers, but the advantages of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining are still not fully understood.  CNC machining is a type of manufacturing that uses computers to
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Prototyping for Success Using Cast Urethanes

Words describe an idea, pictures are worth a thousand words and prototypes can bring an idea to life. Since business is a race, the first idea to market reaps the riches, and this will affect your prototype’s brand recognition, dearth
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Simple Ways to Bring Your Prototype to Life

Two-dimensional images and drawings can help a client see an idea. But until you build the prototype and let them actually make a physical connection to the product, your potential investors may not understand the real purpose of the finished
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Challenging Employees to Stretch Their Talents Pays Off

One of the keys to success in any machine shop is the quality of its employees and the fact that they have been with the company for years. Management needs a team they can tap into for a variety of
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The Relationship Between Cutting Tools and Allowances for Details

CNC machining runs from instructions delivered by computer software — this is the brain of the machine. The dirty work is performed by the tools actually carving, cutting and making the grooves in the material. Completing this job requires the
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A Guide to Urethanes

Without question, polyurethane plays the role of utility infielder in the world of plastics. Prototype and production services look to this material for its resistance to oil, solvents and abrasion, as well as for its strength in countless applications. A unique
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Mold Building Materials for Cast Urethanes

Urethane is an incredibly versatile plastic that offers a full range of performance specifications. This material can be chosen for its strength, resistance to impact, ability to withstand heat, transparency, capability to create complex or detailed parts, as well as
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A Brief Overview of the Prototype Casting Process

Producing sample parts, one-off runs and very limited runs help design firms and prototype manufacturers put out great replicas of a working product. No one wants to place a large order or dive into full production without knowing what they get
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5 Things Every Engineer Should Know About Rapid Prototyping

“Prove it.” It’s a simple, two-word phrase that every engineer has heard from a client. It’s usually uttered right around the time the engineer has finished presenting a design idea to a client. These two words could bring a project
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The Changing Relationship Between Customers and Vendors

The cost-conscience businessmen and women of the world put themselves through the ringer when it comes to the age-old question of buying versus producing your own products. A good prototype and production service can send profits through the roof and
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